Join Me for Beyond Baby Boot Camp!

Are you ready to focus a little time and energy on yourself, Mama?

Between round-the-clock feedings and sleepless nights, early motherhood can be intense and all-consuming. And by the time you start to emerge from the “fog” of those baby months and years, you may not even remember who you used to be.

Beyond Baby Boot Camp is a FREE, 30-day program that will help you take baby steps toward focusing back on yourself again – your health, your style, your relationships, your home – while also charting a course for the parent and person you want to be once the baby years are completely behind you. 

Whether your oldest child just went off to school for the first time or your youngest finally started sleeping through the night, if you’re suddenly finding yourself with a bit of space, time, energy or breathing room and just aren’t sure how to use it, here’s your chance!

Based on the popular book Beyond Baby: A Week-By-Week Guide To Creating A Life You Love When Your Kids Aren’t So Little, Beyond Baby Boot Camp will bring you together with other mothers who are charting the same path you’re on: emerging from that intense baby period, and ready to invest just a little bit of time in yourselves again.

I’ll give you a totally doable “assignment” every day (five minutes per day, tops) to help you re-imagine a life for yourself that won’t always center around diapers and naptime.

Ready to get started?

The program kicks off September 15. You’ll find daily activities here – we’re hoping you’ll ask questions and cheer one another on in the comments! – and an active Facebook community as well in case you want to continue the conversation.

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I can’t wait to share your Beyond Baby journey with you!

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