Day 10: Send An Email To An Old Friend


Have your old friendships survived motherhood?

And if the answer is “yes”…

…are they hanging on by a thread?

It’s normal for relationships, no matter how close, to change after you have kids.

You have less time than you once did for socializing, and even when you manage to get out, you might find that your priorities and interests have changed so much that the magic chemistry that used to define your friendships has dulled a bit.

Or, your friendships may have simply gone stagnant because you haven’t been putting enough energy into them.

The good news is that friendships can survive motherhood, even if only one of you is a mom. If your relationship has grown strained or has simply withered a bit from neglect, here’s your chance to take a step to reconnect.

It’s simple (even if it doesn’t feel “easy.”) And it can begin with the smallest gesture.

Today I want you to send an email to an old friend.

This can be a buddy you haven’t spoken to in over a decade – the person who knew you best, “way back when,” and can help reconnect you to your pre- pre- way-pre-baby self.

Or it can be a friend you were really close with up until your child was born, at which point you got busy and sleep-deprived and let the friendship falter.

Or it can be a friend you still connect with on Facebook, but haven’t had a real heart-to-heart with in a while.

Or it could even be a friend you’ve stayed relatively close with, but you just want to make sure she knows how much she means to you.

Whoever it is, take five minutes to write her a heartfelt email.

It doesn’t have to contain perfect spelling or grammar. It doesn’t have to include promises of getting together, if that’s not something you feel like you can pull off right now.

What’s important is that it lets her know how you feel about her, and if any apologies are needed on your end, it’ll give you the opportunity to express them.

A personal email (or better yet, handwritten letter, but don’t feel pressure to get carried away!) is so much better than Facebook or Instagram “likes” and comments for letting somebody know that they’re important to you.

If you feel awkward or strained reaching out to her now, you might encounter some inner resistance. That’s OK! Push through and write the email anyway. Life is too short to let feeling silly or sheepish stand in the way of rekindling an important relationship.

You can’t control how anyone else responds to you, but you do have the power to reach out, make the first move, and maybe make someone’s day.

Will you take today’s challenge?

Let us know about the friend you’ll be emailing in the comments, or in the Beyond Baby Facebook group!

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