Day 12: Toss out your old makeup.

Makeup Brush on White Background

Just when did you buy that lipstick rolling around in the bottom of your purse?

How about that gummy mascara currently adhering your lashes to your lids whenever you open your eyes too wide?

If the answer is “I don’t remember” or “Gosh…I guess I got it before I had kids,” it’s time to declutter your cosmetics collection by first getting rid of the old, the funky, and the just plain gross and junky.

I know, we all hate throwing things away. Particularly that eyeliner you bought at Sephora for your wedding and have barely used in the ensuing seven years.  That stuff’s expensive!

But if you haven’t been wearing it, chances are good you aren’t going to start any time soon. More than that, old makeup has a bad habit of breeding bacteria, which can be seriously bad for your skin – or worse, your eyes.

And when your makeup bag is stuffed with powders, creams, and glosses you never use, it can make it that much harder to create a quick beauty routine that flatters you and fits into your busy life as a mom.

So today’s challenge? Dump out the contents of your cosmetic bag and/or Caboodle (are those still a thing?) and get to work tossing anything that’s old, gunky, dried-out, or has simply gone unused for too long.

When you’re done paring down your collection, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to create a new makeup routine that takes into account your current needs…and maybe even incorporating some trendy colors or new products that didn’t even exist the last time you treated yourself to a trip to the cosmetics counter or aisle at the drugstore.

Want to take this project further and need some inspiration? Week 22 of Beyond Baby: A Week-By-Week Guide To Creating A Life You Love When Your Kids Aren’t So Little walks you through the process of overhauling your beauty regimen in detail. (Remember to use the code BOOTCAMP at checkout for $2 off the PDF download version!)

I’d love to know what kind of products you wound up tossing today…and how many?

And just how old were they, anyway?

Share in the comments below, or join the discussion in the Beyond Baby Facebook group!

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