Day 14: How’s it going?



Can you believe we’re done with Week 2 of Beyond Baby Boot Camp?

I want to know how it’s going for you. Do you feel inspired after two weeks of focusing on yourself? Are you having a hard time keeping up with the daily activities?

Remember, this program is for YOU. Nobody is looking over your shoulder to make sure you complete the challenges “on time.” If you fall behind, you can always catch up when it works for you! Or, if you decide a certain assignment isn’t relevant to your life or you just don’t want to do it, by all means, skip it.

Boot Camp is really about re-training your brain and reworking your schedule to make sure that every day, you’re paying a little attention to yourself and your own wants and needs. I’ve made the challenges simple so that they shouldn’t take more than five minutes per day. And you deserve at least five minutes a day to focus on yourself!

On Sundays, we take a look back at the past seven days and do a little reflecting. This is the time to pull out your journal or a piece of paper or open Word and jot down your thoughts and feelings about how the week went for you.

I’d like you to answer these questions:

  • Did you follow through on all the challenges this week? If not, why not?
  • Are you finding that it’s getting easier and more routine to take five minutes for yourself each day?
  • If you’re still struggling with finding or making the time to complete these challenges, what are some things you could do to set yourself up for success?
  • Are there any mental blocks – like guilt or anxiety – that are holding you back from truly committing to this process?

That’s it for today! I’d love to hear more about how your week went. Leave a response here or head over to the Beyond Baby Facebook group!

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