Day 15: Get those donation piles out of your house.

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Do you have a stack – or two or five – of outgrown clothes in your house that you keep meaning to give away?

Only somehow, that “donation pile” never seems to make it into a bag or box.

Or even if it does, that bag or box somehow winds up stashed back in a closet or corner or the attic or basement instead of getting out of the house.

Sometimes, all those clothes and toys you carefully culled from the herd even somehow wind up back in your kids’ drawers!

Sound familiar?

I’m in the middle of my yearly off-season clothing swap here, and I’ve learned the hard way that donations have to go to the back of the car immediately or they will actually never wind up donated. Worse, by stalling I have occasionally made the mistake of accidentally donating things I meant to keep!

So your challenge today is simple: Round up all the donations you’ve got lingering in corners, closets, the attic or basement, and put them in your car, in your garage, or by your back door – somewhere they won’t be forgotten or missed.

Then make a plan to pass by a donation center, consignment store, thrift store, women’s shelter, or the friend you’re going to give them to sometime within the next few days so you can unload them STAT.

If this is far too big a job to handle in one day, then make your first challenge simple: go through one drawer or dresser for donations, or gather up bags and boxes from one room or one floor of the house. 

Break a big job down into chunks so that you won’t be too overwhelmed to get started in the first place!

As babies grow, they generate a lot of hand-me-downs – and letting them linger around your house just creates clutter and makes it more difficult to move Beyond Baby. Yes, there can be a bit of a sentimental block when it comes to giving away your sweet little one’s clothes, but don’t let that keep you trapped by bags and boxes!

If you feel attached, try keeping one or two special outfits – you can even pack them away with school papers and artwork – and see if that makes it easier to unload the rest.

And if you are currently overwhelmed by the process of sorting through your kids’ hand-me-down and out-of-season clothes, you might be interested in trying my method.

Do you currently have donation piles, bags, or boxes hanging around your house?

I’d love to hear how this challenge goes for you! Post a comment here or discuss in the Beyond Baby Facebook group.

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