Day 18: Quit Something.

cancel stamp

Are you still getting BabyCenter emails reminding you that your “baby” is 49 months old?

…Still getting regular emails from the online store where you used to buy diapers – even though your little one has been potty-trained for a year?

…Still paying dues to a mom’s group you haven’t been to in months?

Sometimes we just sort of forget we’ve moved past a stage and wonder why we never bother opening those emails or showing up to the group anymore. What’s an extra email here and there or a few dollars a month, anyway? I mean, what if we need that group or subscription or membership for some reason?

But these things have a way of piling up, creating a psychic drag on your energy (think of all the seconds you’ve wasted deleting the same emails or a very real ding in your bank account.

And at some point, it may be time to let go of some of the subscriptions and memberships that defined your early-mom life to make room for something new.

So your challenge today is simple: Quit something.

Take the extra few seconds to open that unneeded email and click “unsubscribe.”

Call up and cancel that baby magazine subscription (or at least, make sure you aren’t set to autorenew.)

Formally leave the mommy-toddler yoga class you haven’t been to in months – you know, deep down, you won’t be going back.

We all have something in our lives that just doesn’t fit anymore. It’s not that it wasn’t valuable once. It’s just that mentally, emotionally, you’ve moved on.

So allow yourself a clean break. And then if you’re feeling up for it, fill its place with something new!

I’d love to hear about what you cancelled, quit, or unsubscribed! Leave a comment here or discuss in the Beyond Baby Facebook group.


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