Day 22: Make That Phone Call You’ve Been Putting Off


Is there a phone call weighing heavy on your mind right now?

You know the one. The appointment you need to make to get your hair cut, or your teeth cleaned. Or the voice mail you need to return from an estranged relative or the library (yes, it’s time to admit that book is hopelessly lost.)

I know how it goes. When you’re deep in “baby mode,” those calls start slipping through the cracks. I know what it’s like to be stuck in a chair nursing for hours with phone juuuust outside my reach. Nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby by calling the dentist. And when you finally do get some time to yourself, do you really want to spend it listening to hold music?

Slowly the unanswered voicemails and “should calls” start to add up. And while it’s normal to get buried in them for a while, at some point you have the time, space, and energy to climb out…it’s just that by that point, you might have gotten in the habit of not answering or returning calls.

Let’s remedy that today.

Your challenge: make a phone call you’ve been putting off.

It might be to schedule a doctor or dentist appointment, get a bank fee reversed, or negotiate a better rate on your credit card. Maybe you’ll check in with a friend or finally schedule an appointment to use that massage gift certificate you got when you were pregnant.

I know from experience that after a long period of phone avoidance, getting that one call out of the way can feel like a huge step on the road to phone functionality again. So make the call today! And then tell us about it in the comments here or on the Beyond Baby Facebook group.


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