Day 25: Clean out under the car seats.


 On a scale of 1-10, how tragic is your car’s interior?

If you’re like many moms emerging from the toddler phase, the answer is probably “11.”

It’s survival, right? When you have babies and tiny tots screaming at you from the backseat, you’ll do almost anything to calm them down, including chucking toys, juice boxes and French fries back there.

And when you get home, you’re exhausted. Plus, your arms are totally full trying to get them out of the car seat and safely into the house – there’s no opportunity for cleaning up.

In the full 40-week version of Beyond Baby (don’t forget to use the code BOOTCAMP for $2 off at checkout) one of the weekly projects is giving your much-abused car a thorough cleaning. Since this is supposed to be a manageable DAILY project, though, we’re just going to focus on one area – the spot right under your child’s car seat or booster.

How deep you decide to go with the cleaning is up to you. Maybe you’ll just give all those crushed Cheerios and fossilized fries a quick swipe out with a broom or your hands (I recommend wearing gloves – trust me on this) or maybe you’ll make use of a Shop-Vac or the vacuum at your service station when you gas up.

Either way, be sure to take the extra step to turn the car seat upside down and give it a few shakes. You may be disgusted amazed at the treasures that fall out onto the pavement. (Ahh, yes – NOW you remember that time, in desperation, that you gave your two-year-old your credit card to play with!)

Once you’re on a roll, if you still have some time, grab that sippy cup lid that’s been sliding around on the dashboard and remove the gummy pennies from the console. Got baby wipes on hand? Use them to wipe the dust off your dash and de-gunk your steering wheel.

Moms, we spend a lot of time in our cars – in some ways, they’re our home away from home! Give them a little spiff-up every now and then, and it’ll make your drive much, much more pleasant.

Are you guilty of driving disgusting? Tell us about it here in the comments or at the Beyond Baby Facebook page!

*Don’t drive? Maybe there’s another transportation-related cleanup project you could do today…like the basket under the stroller, hmm?



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