Day 26: ReDo Your ‘Do

shaggyWhen I was a relatively new mom, I got the sassiest shaggy ‘do!

…and then, I let it grow and grow, and got bad in-between maintenance haircuts, and went too long between trims and color, until my in-the-now circa-2001 shag turned into an in-the-never overgrown-Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo look by 2003.

Maybe you can relate. When you have a new baby getting out to the salon can be a logistical nightmare (can I really squeeze a cut and color in between feedings?) and at some point, you just sort of get used to throwing the whole mess up into a ponytail or barrette and forgetting that you once had an actual…style.

In my case I’d made the classic mistake of assuming a short cut would be easy and low-maintenance; while my short-ish style certainly took no time at all to wash and dry, it required regular cuts to stay fresh and didn’t deal well with the then-frequent 30+ minute lapse between washing and blow-drying.

Now that I’ve had “good” hair for a few years I can see what I was doing wrong back then.

1) I’d gone with an in-between cut that was neither fish nor fowl: not long enough to look good without much styling; not short enough to style in no time flat.

2) I hadn’t planned adequately for maintenance – I always figured I’d call for a cut “when I needed it,” not realizing that mid-length cuts can go from OK to awful in a very short, unpredictable length of time.

3) Daily, I put my hair absolutely last on my priority list, not taking into account how much of a difference just a few minutes of attention could make.

That’s all to be expected when you have tiny children, but sometimes it can become a deeply-grained habit. So when Clara was a couple years old, I decided it was time to quit pussyfooting around with my hairstyle and make a choice one way or the other.

My choice was to chop.

new year meagan

And I’ve never looked back.

It’s been a little longer and a little shorter since that fateful day, but I’ve stuck to the decidedly-short ‘do because I realized that it works. I always look put-together and “done,” and it just works for my style, my personality, and my face.

Have you been waffling between short and long, unwilling to make a choice one way or the other? Or have you just neglected your hair so long that it isn’t even really a “style” anymore?

Today, I want you to start the process of shaking things up and finding a style that will work for your Beyond Baby life.

Your challenge: take at least one baby step on the road to a hairstyle you can feel really good about.

Some ideas:

  • Look at galleries of haircuts and let your imagination run wild. Who says you have to stick with a mid-length bob or keep your hair ponytail-length just because you’re a mom?
  • Make an appointment with a trusted stylist (get a referral if you have to) and commit to putting yourself in her hands and seeing what happens. It can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  • Invest in the products, accessories, or tools you need to make the hair you have now work. Maybe your hair troubles could be solved with a better dryer or the right serum.
  • Play with your hair in front of a mirror for a few minutes. Is there a simple style you haven’t even tried that could help you bridge the gap between cuts?
  • Rethink your color. If your hair just needs a boost, consider a home dye kit. If you go with a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural color, it’s really hard to mess it up, and I always find that my hair is shiny, bouncy and great-looking for the first week or so after a home dye job.

What’s the current state of your hair? Will you take today’s challenge – and how?

Discuss here in the comments or over at the Beyond Baby Facebook Group!




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