Day 28: Look Back, Look Forward


Can you believe we’re wrapping up the final week of Beyond Baby Boot Camp?

Just two days left. Wow. I hope you’ve been inspired – and have felt challenged to stretch yourself! – over the last four weeks.

Tomorrow and Tuesday we’ll be looking forward, coming up with ways to set yourself up for continued progress going forward. But for now, I want you to look back over the last week’s worth of activities and ask yourself a few questions:

How did you do this week as compared to weeks 1, 2, and 3?

Are you running out of steam? Or just starting to get into a good rhythm? 

If you’ve found yourself consistently skipping or getting overwhelmed with certain kinds of projects, which ones are they? Why do you think those particular challenges are more difficult than the others?

That’s it for today! Look forward to two more posts – and be sure to stop by the Beyond Baby Facebook group to discuss your progress!


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