Day 29: Dream Big (But Start Small.)

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Over the last 28 days, we’ve made some great progress, haven’t we?

We’ve cleaned up our living spaces, strengthened our most important relationships, and even took some time to focus on style.

Now it’s time to explore some slightly scarier terrain.

When I work with moms, this is often the hardest part of the process for them. Cleaning up our houses, no matter how satisfying, still feels like nurturing, after all. And getting our makeup bag or underwear drawer in shape is pretty simple: not a huge investment in our deeper selves, the parts of us that can be uncertain about what kind of future we might possibly be able to carve out post-motherhood. The parts of us that maybe even feel a little guilty or selfish for thinking about how we’ll create lives we love when we no longer have little people to care for.

But at it’s heart, that’s what Beyond Baby is all about! The bite-sized exercises we’ve done during Boot Camp have been a way to instill new habits and ways of thinking about how we spend our time. Now it’s time to really think about the woman you want to become when you are really Beyond Baby – whether for you that’s happening now or is still five or more years away.

Today, I want you to let yourself dream like crazy.

Is there something you always thought you would do, but have sidelined during the baby years?

A career change? Going back to school? Writing a book? Starting a business? Moving to a farm? Mastering a difficult piece on the piano? Taking in foster kids? Learning to fly an airplane?

Think about it….and then take one small step toward making it a reality.

Maybe you’ll sign up for a writer’s workshop. Check out some books about homesteading. Play some scales. Research college programs. Reach out to someone at work who can mentor you.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, and dreams are always reached by taking a series of small steps one after the other.

So today, your challenge is to identify that dream, allow yourself to daydream and get excited about it again, and then take ONE small step toward making it a reality.

I’d love to hear about your dream. Do you need help getting focused or identifying what your first baby step might be? Post about it in the Beyond Baby Facebook group!

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