Day 8: Make Your Bed (Create A Clean Morning Habit.)

Make Your Bed

 I know, I know.

I’ve been harping on making the bed for five years now, and if you’ve been reading my stuff long, maybe you’re sick of hearing about it.

But adding that daily practice into my life has made a huge difference in the way I feel, think, and function throughout the day.

From my long-ago post on what converted me from a bed-ignorer to a bed-maker:

I used to roll out of bed in the morning, look at the rumpled sheets and blankets and think “eh, what’s the difference? I’m just going to be messing it up again in 15 hours.”

But I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, even during the day, and I found that every time I went back in, the sight of that unmade bed made me feel…slumpy. It made the house feel messy even if the house wasn’t particularly messy. It made me feel disorganized. And every time I sat on the bed (like I am now with my laptop) I would feel like crawling under the sheets and going back to sleep.

Can you relate? If so, your challenge today is to begin making your bed every morning after you get up and get moving.

It doesn’t have to be a military-quality bounce-a-quarter-on-the-bedspread job. For me, making the bed basically means pulling the sheets up, spreading out the comforter, and arranging the pillows neatly at the head – kind of like the “made” bed in the picture. It’s not perfect, but it hardly takes any time, and is far preferable to the sight of balled-up sheets and blankets sliding off the side of the bed.

If you already make your bed daily, maybe your morning habit can center around giving some other area of the house a quick, first-thing-in-the-morning tidy: making sure the bathroom counter is wiped down and the toothbrushes wind up back in the holder after the morning rush, or taking a few minutes to straighten up the coffee area or wipe down a kitchen counter, for example.

To me the bed can be a metaphor for an area of the home that 1) you look at a lot, 2) is relatively quick to straighten up, but 3) tends to get ignored when you feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Whether it’s making your bed or straightening up some other area of the house, today I want you to create a clean-up morning habit that helps you greet your day in a neater, more functional space.

Did you make your bed today?  How does it feel to be on your way to creating a clean morning habit?

Tell us about it here, or come weigh in at the Beyond Baby Facebook group!

photo courtesy of Jocelyn Durston on Flickr

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